Fire Prevention Policy

Straw bale walls, when plastered with lime or clay, are incredibly fire resistant. A plastered straw bale wall has  easily passed stringent fire tests in the UK and many other parts of the world, resisting fire for well over two  hours – much longer than more conventional building  materials such as timber or steel (which buckles at high  temperatures). 


However, we would not like our own hard work to be put  to the test so we have a few simple rules to help protect  our beautiful cottages and our treasured guests:

-  Please, no deep fat frying.

- Please, no candles.

- Please, no smoking inside the Cabin, Cottage, on the wooden decking or anywhere near the farm buildings or near dry plants. If smoking elsewhere, please fully extinguish and very carefully dispose of smoking  materials .

- Always use the log stove in the Cottage with the doors closed.

- Empty ashes only into the metal bin specially  provided in the Cottage bike shed.

- Take care to turn off the gas cooker in the Cottage.


- Turn off all electrical appliances when not in use.