Access Statements

Both the  Cabin and Cottage are raised off ground level and are accessed by loose gravel paths approximately 20m long, leading to a number of wooden steps. Both have plentiful off road parking prior to their gravel path.


The Cabin  has 3 wooden steps (190mm) onto the deck and then one further step (220mm) up from the deck to the inside. Once inside, all rooms are on one level. The main door is 795mm wide and the bedroom and shower room doors are 660mm wide. The French doors open to a width of 1335mm. Please note that the shower room is 2m by 2m, with the shower (600mm x 600mm) and tank cupboard occupying half this space, therefore the usable floor space in the shower room is only 1m by 2m.


The Cottage has 5 steps (195mm – 200mm) to the deck and then a small step (130mm) in, over the threshold. The first floor rooms are level except for small wooden strips (5mm) between each room. The main door is 815mm wide. The door through to the kitchen/living area is 795mm, the study door way is 715mm and the shower room 710mm wide. Upstairs, all doorways are 735mm wide. The French doors open to a width of 1570mm and 1540mm. The carpeted staircase (790mm wide) has 13 steps to the top. The tread measures 240mm and the rise 210mm. Steps 7 and 8 are angled to turn the staircase through 90 degrees (ie a “kite winder” staircase). The downstairs shower cubicle measures 1370mm x 860mm. The entrance is 600mm. The upstairs bath is 600mm high, 790mm wide and 1800mm long.